With an eye for extreme precision, The Big Door Company is the premier installer of large door systems in the Pacific Northwest.  We use the latest technology and highest quality materials to make sure your door is set perfectly level, plumb and square.


From top hung bi-folds, to recessed track lift slides we can provide consultation on design details. These systems often require larger jamb depths or recessed sills. Let us consult on the design before framing to ensure a smooth installation. We can also provide recommendation on which system best fits your customers needs.

Final tune up

All installations include a one time “tune up” just prior to homeowner move in. We all know loads can shift and things can end up out of alignment during the construction process. That is why we come back at the end of the project to inspect, clean and adjust all doors. We provide peace of mind that your system will work perfectly when you turn the house over to the customer.  


Do you have a door that is grinding when it opens, or doesn’t open at all, perhaps a broken or sticking lock? We can help with all of this. We are well versed in all of the major manufacturers systems and can provide a diagnostics and repair for almost any large door system on the market.  

Custom Metal Sill Pans

All doors include a custom metal sill pan, made specifically to fit your door. These are available in stainless steel, a traditional galvanized finish, or an electrically modified galvanized finish that is paint ready.


Do you have an older system that just doesn’t operate as smoothly as it used to? We can help. We provide maintenance to ensure your large door operates smoothly for years to come.